Who Moved my Cheese?
Deal with change or it will kill you. You have to handle change if
your life in a positive way. How many times did you hear
someone say (including yourself!): I hate my job, I hate my life,
I hate my school, i hate my wife.

What the above statements have in common is that they
cannot deal with change in their lives.

Imagine your life to be a matrix of nine squares.
Fill one with wife, the next with your kids, next
and so on with money, job, sports, hobby, I'll
leave the rest for your to fill. Want a free copy
of Who moved my cheese, Read on please.

Once a box is missed from your daily life matrix and you cannot
handle its
disappearance, you start hating your life. In fact,
you cannot handle or deal with change!!

Read this famous pdf file called "Who moved my cheese". It
comes in 49 pages. Read it through and learn from it.

FREE copy of Who move my cheese in PDF format at no charge.

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Who Moved my cheese, Deal with Change
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