Your Sample Resignation Letter is Ready!

So you decided to resign......No problem, but here is a word of advice:
Take it easy, it is a job and not the end of the world.

Should you decide to leave your job, don’t let it haunt you for the rest of your
professional career. Plan your departure well and make work for you in your next

You might think that the resignation letter is your chance to vent out your work
frustration. Well, think again. What if you next employer calls your previous
employer; a negative written evidence is the last thing you look for.

In the sample resignation letter, we suggest that you keep it positive and
professional to the maximum. You need also to keep it friendly and life loving.

sample resignation letter shows you that you should leave friends and not
enemies behind.

So, let's do some planning for the resignation process:

Give a verbal notice to your boss before you submit a resignation letter.
If your boss or manager accepts the idea of your resignation, they you can submit it in couple of
Never have the letter of resignation in your hand when you deliver the verbal notice.

Justify your resignation in general and avoid the specific.
Mention the good times you had. Sure you had at least good moments if not minutes in any job!!

Consider any contractual obligations when you write your sample resignation letter. Pay special
attention to the notice period and to whom the resignation letter is to be presented.
You can handwrite your resignation letter, but printing it is better and more professional.

Personally hand over your resignation letter. The secretary, fax, email or post should be your last
resort if things are not that good.

Sample Resignation Letter

    Your Name
    The company name


Dear Mr. Smith (Smith is your direct supervisor)

After serious consideration, I have decided to resign from my post as (your position at the
department) effective from (put a Date).

Though I regret to leave our team, I do appreciate your support during my [X period] of my

Please accept this resignation letter as a formal notice.

As per my contract, I will be happy to continue to work during my notice period until (the last
date according to your notice period).

[If you don’t want to serve your notice period, include this part] (However, I am ready to
consider leaving earlier should we agree mutually on a suitable process).

Please advise me of your preferred handover process for any assets that I might have and
my current outstanding work.

Yours sincerely

Your name

Signature and date

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