The Role of a manager in any industry has common
functions and responsibilities.
The role of a manager is critical for any
organization. The most important task
a manager must perform is planning.

In this task, a manager defines the strategic
plan to achieve the goals and objectives of
his organization or department. Depending
on the level of the manager, these goals
and their strategic level will differ. The
higher the manager, the more strategic these goals are.

The function of a manager also involves organizing “who is who”.
A manager decides on the task or duties that are necessary to
achieve the planned goals as described above. The manager
decides on who does which task. This usually involves deciding
on the hierarchy criteria of the organization or department. This
makes the human resources part of a manager’s role very critical
and hence people skills should decide the manager’s

Once the organizational structure is established as described
above, the manager must control and lead the group of people
or employees to ensure that their function is in accordance with
the overall objectives. This is usually where the term “manage”
or manager comes to explain the role of a manager.

The manager’s role also involves monitoring the performance of
the organization’s or department results. Corrective measures to
fix any deviation from strategic goals or even measures to
enhance the results are taken by the manager.

The manager role also requires the manager to focus on symbolic
and ceremonial duties such as handing gifts in a competition or
usually at farewell parties when a staff resigns!

The manager usually controls much information and that implies
an information dissemination role that he must play.

When you have information as a manager, you will need to make
decisions. These could be related to human resources to promote
a staff or select a vendor or a supplier.

Depending on your job as a manager, you might have to do all of
the roles above, some of them or specific job tasks. However, the
above roles of a manager are typical in all types of industries.

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