Leadership Tasks are unique
Leadership Tasks are close to management tasks:

Let us discuss some of the leadership tasks for the sake of
setting an example. Depending on the leadership objectives
and goals, these leadership tasks might vary. These
leadership principles listed below must cascade down
through the whole organization.

Team building

When you become a leader and need to build teams, ensure
that you select the right people with the right skills to
achieve your goals. Look after your team members and
communicate with them regularly. You need to help your
team members to develop. Develop people via training or by
experience. Agree with your team members on the
objectives and responsibilities that will interest and stretch
them. Always support them while they strive to improve and
take on challenging.


Delegation is an important management skill. Planned and
educated delegation decision saves you time, develops you
team members, grooms a successor, and motivates all team
members. Poorly planned delegation will cause you
frustration and confuses everyone. This leadership task is  
coined as the art of management.


Communication is critical skill for any leader. Ensure that you
listen well, understand, discuss, consult, involve, and explain
the things and issues that are going around your team
members. Ask and learn about what your team members
think. Know how they think improvements should be done.

Set the example

Some leaders lead by example by doing many tasks. This is
labeled 'hands on' leader. Others are more distanced and let
their team members do it (partially delegation). The way you
work and lead and conduct yourself will be the most you can
possibly expect from your team members. If you set low
standards then you should expect the same from your team

Credit and blame control

Always give your team members the credit for your
successes. Never take the credit yourself even if it's all down
to your leadership work. You might think it is your work, but
it is real team work that achieves successes. When it comes
to the blame, you must take full responsibility. Never blame a
team member publicly. His failure is yours, in fact. So, don’t
blame yourself in public.

Manage your team

You need to have faith in your team members. Give them the
longitude and latitude to work and excel. Coach them when
you spot a mistake. Let’s them make mistakes. This is how
they learn. This is how we learned to walk; we fell few times
before we managed to make our fist steps. Provide your
team members with relevant interesting opportunities Guide
then with proper measures and rewards.  This is a very
important leadership task.

Decisive decision making

As a leader, you need to make difficult decisions bravely.
However, stay truthful and sensitive when you implement
such decision. Don’t take the decision because you can, take
them because you have to reach your goal. Don’t be afraid of

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