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Here are some real examples that help you understand it

Leadership skills are born and are made!

Let us look at the leadership skills in more details. Most of us
wanted to be leaders at some point in our lives. We all dream
about it and we strive to have it as we went along in life. I
dream of being the captain of our local soccer team or the leader
at the students union during the university period.

Some of us succeed; others wonder what leadership skills they
are missing in order to become a leader in their filed. Unless you
wanted to be the leader of the world, defining your desired field
of leadership helps you achieve what you dream of when you
were young.

Leadership skills can be developed through online education
programs, such as a
Masters in Public Administration degree.

Interestingly enough, you will discover that leadership is more
about your behavior and born-characteristics first and your
leadership skills second!

To help you understand this point better, think of the world
known leader: Nelson Mandela for example. The people of South
Africa followed Mr. Mandela because they trusted and respected
his leadership skills. Mr. Mandela did not have his leadership
skills sharpened at Harvard University. He was a born leader
who cared for his own people’s freedom.

Mr. Mandela, as a leader showed great leadership skills in terms
of sensitivity to his followers. He exhibited compassion, honesty,
determination, courage, commitment, integrity passion,
confidence, and wisdom. The leaders' wisdom is expressed in
the leadership quotes. We can say that he had the Charisma to
be a leader or was born to be a leader. Most leaders similar to
Mr. Mandela didn’t seek a career in leadership. They just became
one because their behaviors are the ones of a born leader.

If you were not born to be a leader, you still can be one at your
field of expertise. Personality development and understanding is
key to understand how to develop your leadership skill. All you
need is to have your leadership skills developed to be able lead.
If you cannot build your leadership skills, then simply don’t lead,
just follow.

Leaders’ main task in life is to achieve a goal that they very
much believe in. This could be part of their ideology that they
were raised memorizing or inspired them during their livelihood.

To this effect, you as a leader need to know what is the goal of
your mission and plan to achieve it accordingly. You will need
someone to help you out. You need to build a committed team
who believes in these same goals. Leadership is all about
leading a group of people: Team work.

You, as a leader, need to lead your people or team by showing
your leadership skills compassion, integrity, honesty, humility,
determination, courage, passion, confidence, commitment,
wisdom and expertise. Becoming a leader entials more than

To be able to lead a team, you have to be very honest with
yourself. What I mean by this is that you have to know your
strengths and weaknesses, your threshold to manage people,
your ability to be compassionate. Learn from your own team.
They will teach you more about yourself than anyone else.

Leadership has many styles. They say being a leader means
staying lonely. This could be right is certain situations. I’ve seen
this vividly in politics and in some corporate offices. Being a
leader sometimes requires that your plan alone and execute
though your team. Assessing your situation’s requirements
would formulate your leadership style in general. Watch
Leadership training skills and styles while watching the Apollo
13  movie!

Leadership comes in different colors and styles. The leadership
styles depends on the leadership tasks.

It's hard to think of a leader that commands as much respect as
Jack Welch of General Electric. He reinvented GE several times
over by  integrating new and innovative practices into its many
lines of business.

Here are some of the leadership skills which Jack outlined in his
book 'Jack: Straight From The Gut':

About the Leadership skills in the corporate:

•       There is only one way: the straight way.

•       Transfer learning across your organization.

•       An informal atmosphere is a competitive advantage.

•       Business has to be fun: celebrations energize and

Characteristics of a leader:

•       Be open to the best of what everyone, everywhere, has to

•       Get the right people in the right jobs

•       Understand where real value is added and put your best
people there.

•       Everybody counts and everybody should know that they

•       Legitimate self confidence is a winner

•       The true test of self confidence is the courage to be open.

•       Never underestimate the other colleague.

•       Know when to meddle and when to let go. Use your pure

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